Lotto Funds Students Capture

Supporting Education: How Buying Florida Lottery Tickets Online Benefits Students

At, we believe in more than just the thrill of winning. When you purchase Florida Lottery tickets through us online, you’re not just playing for a chance to win big—you’re also making a significant contribution to education in the Sunshine State.

Empowering Students through Education

For over two decades, the Florida Lottery has been a steadfast supporter of education, contributing more than $1 billion per year to empower students and facilitate brighter futures. By partnering with organizations across the state, the Florida Lottery ensures that every ticket purchased makes a meaningful impact in Florida’s communities.

The Florida Lottery’s Educational Impact

When you play the Florida Lottery, you’re not just funding prizes; you’re investing in education from pre-K to post-secondary levels. Here’s how your contribution is making a difference:

  • $23+ Billion to Florida’s Public Schools: The Florida Lottery has contributed billions of dollars to support public schools in the state, funding essential programs and resources to enhance the learning experience for students.
  • $11+ Billion to State Colleges and Universities: Higher education is within reach for thousands of students, thanks to the Florida Lottery’s contribution to state colleges and universities. This funding helps institutions provide quality education and opportunities for students to pursue their academic goals.
  • $8+ Billion to the Bright Futures Scholarship Program: The Bright Futures Scholarship Program, primarily funded by the Florida Lottery, has helped nearly 1 million students achieve their dreams of higher education. By removing financial barriers, the program empowers students to pursue their academic aspirations and build successful futures.

Making Every Ticket Count

A portion of every Florida Lottery ticket purchased goes directly back into Florida communities through education. Whether it’s funding school reconstruction projects or supporting K-12 programs, your participation in the Florida Lottery has a tangible and positive impact on students and communities across the state.

Buying Florida Lottery Tickets Online through

When you choose to buy Florida Lottery tickets through, you’re not only gaining the convenience of online purchasing—you’re also contributing to a brighter future for students in Florida. Join us in supporting education and making a difference in the lives of students across the Sunshine State. Play your part in shaping a better tomorrow with every ticket purchased through

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