Lottery Environment Plan Capture The National Lottery’s Environment Plan and How You Can Play to Make a Difference

At, we are thrilled to share the exciting news about the National Lottery Community Fund’s new Environment Plan. We believe that “It starts with community,” and we know that happier, healthier lives stem from living in a high-quality environment. With increasing concern about environmental issues across the UK, the National Lottery’s commitment to supporting environmentally sustainable communities is more important than ever.

The National Lottery’s Environment Plan

In September 2023, the National Lottery Community Fund adopted a comprehensive new Environment Plan. This plan, developed through extensive conversations during the Strategy Renewal process, is set to guide the Fund’s efforts until 2030. The primary goals of this plan are designed to create significant and lasting environmental benefits.

Becoming a World-Class Environmental Funder: The National Lottery is dedicated to supporting impactful projects that protect and improve the environment in ways that matter to local communities. Learn more about these initiatives through the Fund’s climate funding efforts.

Improving the Environmental Impact of the Voluntary and Community Sector: By leading the way in funding practices, the National Lottery aims to inspire and support applicants and grant holders to take action for environmental improvement. As the UK’s largest community funder, the Fund is integrating environmental requirements into all its funding programmes.

Providing Guidance and Inspiration: The Climate Action Hub offers valuable resources for grant holders on how to reduce their environmental footprint. It showcases excellent examples of community-led climate action, providing practical advice and inspiring stories.

Leading by Example: The National Lottery is committed to achieving net-zero emissions and sharing its practices to motivate others. This commitment is certified by Planet Mark, demonstrating a credible and measurable approach to reducing carbon impact.

Demonstrating Influence and Leadership: The National Lottery brings stakeholders together and actively showcases the critical role communities play in environmental improvement. By sharing knowledge, evidence, and learning, the Fund aims to amplify the positive environmental impact of its efforts.

How You Can Make a Difference with

Every ticket purchased through contributes to these crucial environmental initiatives. By playing the National Lottery online with us, you are directly supporting projects that make a real difference in communities across the UK. Here’s how you can get involved:

Play Online: Visit to buy your National Lottery tickets easily and securely. Each ticket you purchase helps fund important environmental and community projects.

Stay Informed: Our website provides updates on the latest National Lottery-funded projects and how they are making an impact. Follow the stories of how your participation is helping to create healthier, greener, and more sustainable communities.

Join the Community: Engage with like-minded players who care about the environment. Share your experiences and learn how your contributions are helping to shape a better future.

Changing the World One Step at a Time

At, we believe in the power of collective action. The National Lottery’s Environment Plan is a testament to the incredible difference that can be made when communities come together for a common cause. By playing the National Lottery through our platform, you are not only getting a chance to win, but you are also investing in a sustainable future for all.

Together, we can drive significant environmental change and foster a culture of sustainability that benefits both people and the planet. Each step we take towards this goal is powered by your participation.

In conclusion, the National Lottery’s Environment Plan, supported by players like you through, is paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future. Play your part today by purchasing your National Lottery tickets online, and help us continue to change the world one step at a time. Thank you for being part of this journey towards a more sustainable and vibrant community.

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